Wize Monkey is our start-up

Our mission is to solve a major problem in the global coffee industry by cultivating the arabica leaves for consumption as tea. Yes, you can make tea with arabica leaves! In fact, it’s been a cultural drink in Ethiopia for a long time.

It all started on a rainy January morning in Bordeaux, FR

On this day, my classmate and I we’re starting a new group project at school. We started looking for new ideas so we checked out PSFK.com for some inspiration. We eventually came across a study about the health benefits of arabica tea.

We quickly realized that this could solve a serious problem in the coffee industry

In the last decade, the coffee market has become flooded and revenues have been plummeting for all coffee farmers worldwide. We figured that if the farmers could also sell arabica leaves, they could create a second source of income and help support their farms, families, and well-being.

We set off on a journey to Nicaragua; where some of the world’s best arabica is grown.

After three months of searching and meeting with dozens of organic farmers, we have come home to Vancouver BC with a one-of-a-kind revolutionary tea. Not only does it do your body some good, it does the farmers some awesome.

For more info, visit the site: WizeMonkey.com