My French buddy just posted this on Facebook. It kills me that the outdated vilification of CEOs is still going strong in France. It was one of the biggest culture shocks I experienced when I was living there.

They demonize people who have worked hard and created jobs. Obviously some are pricks, but many are outstanding, hardworking people. France needs to change this dated mentality of vilifying CEOs and realize that without driven people, there will not be any economic comeback for the French. It’s quite heartbreaking to tell you the truth.

The government’s generosity to the people is singlehandedly crutching their system. Did you know that you can sign up for up to $300 in rent subsidies per month? Doesn’t matter if you’re an immigrant, student, tourist, local, President of Kenya, whatever. They’re giving free money away, no wonder they’re tanking and everyone’s bitching about it. They bit the hand that feeds, and now it’s backfiring right in their face.

I’m hoping things turn around sooner rather than later… I don’t want to see my fellow countrymen suffer any longer.