strategy meets creative

Since my early teens, I have always been playing with media and honing my creative skills. As I started going to school for marketing, I leveraged these skills and created various businesses over the years. Now, with a Master’s Degree and more experience in strategy and branding, I have transitioned from creative production to project and account management, research, and of course, strategy.


more curious than george

I’ve been fortunate enough to see many cultures at a young age and this has manifested into a curiosity that is hard to match. This hard-coded need-to-know has driven me to constantly ask questions. I am always gathering information on consumer behaviour, cultural norms and interpretation on various levels; whether it’s for a logo, a TV ad, a physical product, or an entire brand. I am insatiably curious and this is partly why I enjoy research so much.



To be a leader in the global strategic branding and marketing field. To stand above the competition with innovative and powerful solutions. To make my mark on the world with strategically built businesses, like my startup Wize Monkey. To learn as much as I possibly can from the people around me and around the world. To be a champion cyclist, rally car driver, and/or Formula 1 driver. A guy can dream, right?


what’s next?

In order to further my career in strategy and branding, I am looking for positions where I can build upon my knowledge, enhance my skill set, and utilize my work ethic to make a measurable impact. Whether it’s project management, account management, research, or strategy.


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Professional Skills

Brand Strategy
Consumer Behaviour
Problem Solving
Team Management
Public Speaking
Business Development

Technical Skills

Brand Architecture
Pitch Creation & Execution
Media Production
Brief Writing
Google Analytics



Work Experience


Project Manager & strategist | Contracted since 2010, employed May 2014 

  • Direct and manage team of four creative staff with a detailed focus on quality and efficiency
  • Deliver polished products on time and on budget
  • Develop strategies from qualitative and quantitative research
  • Maintain a positive and productive relationship with the client throughout the process
  • Propose innovative solutions for the client’s challenges and roll them out with precision and quality
  • Optimize internal operational processes
  • Manage internal branding and marketing projects
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Film & Photo Production


Freelance Consultant & Designer | 2008 to 2014

  • Consult for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Produce media and marketing strategies that prove results
  • Manage clients and projects with executional support from sub-contractors
  • Integrate client’s business with digital tools


Co-founder, Marketing | 2013 to Present

  • Business Development & Sales
  • Strategy Development & Execution
  • Produce all communications
  • Community Management & Customer Service


Marketing Director

Credicor Financial | August 2010 to August 2012

  • Design and manage all marketing operations for 4 separate finance brands
  • Research and Strategy Development
  • Marketing Campaign Design & Management
  • Branding & Design
  • Film & Photo Production
  • Web Design & Optimization
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Affiliate Program Management & Media Production
  • Social Media Marketing


Director of Communications

Varion Pond Hockey Classic | Jan 2011 to August 2012

  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Cross-media Brand Strategy & Management
  • Graphic design/Animation/Photography/Video production
  • Web Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Marketing


Tour Guide & Media Producer

Moose Travel Network | June to August, 2010

    • Management of 10-22 international tourists on a tight schedule
    • Manage all of their activities, beds, meals
    • Ensure that everyone is getting along and having fun
    • Drive 22-passenger bus to the Rockies and back (class 4 license)
    • Gather qualitative insights from tourists to improve the product and communications
    • Produce film & photo for marketing materials
    • Ensure tourists have a truly Canadian experience


    Tourism Consultant & Designer

    Chilean National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) | April to June, 2009

    • Consult for indigenous cultures to develop cultural, agricultural and adventure tourism enterprises
    • Create tourism infrastructure proposals for multiple governmental funding applications
    • Create marketing materials to sell tourism packages to various operators in the Atacama region
    • Generally provide insight and help to close the gaps within the product delivery chain



    Msc. of International Business: Marketing

    KEDGE Business School Bordeaux, FR | 2013-2014

    • Led a 10-person team to 2nd place in Global Business Plan Competition
    • Learned International Corporate Strategy
    • Learned Global Marketing Strategy
    • Expanded on Operations, Supply Chain & HR Management
    • Expanded horizons via new cultural interactions


    Bachelor of Tourism Management: Marketing & International Development

    Thompson Rivers University Kamloops BC | Class of 2010

    • International Business Development
    • Business Administration & Economics
    • Research & Strategy Development
    • Ethical & Environmental Business Practices
    • Community Development
    • Cultural Sensitivity
    • Tourism Marketing
    • Customer Experience Design



    Defenceman & Forward

    Aloses de Bordeaux French National 1 Inline | 2013

    • Learned the roller hockey 4on4 system & tremendously improved defensive skills
    • Traveled France on weekends to play national opponents



    Boxers de Bordeaux French Division 1 Professional Ice Hockey | 2012

    • Decided to make a run at playing pro hockey after 6 years out of serious hockey
    • Trained intensively for 6 months while working full-time & completing freelance marketing contracts
    • Scored a goal in the season opener, realizing a boyhood dream of mine


    Head Coach

    North Van Minor Juvenile AAA | 2011

    • First time ever coaching elite level players
    • Learned a multitude of new interpersonal skills
    • Tremendously improved public speaking and leadership skills
    • Had a deeply fulfilling experience and enjoyed every minute of it
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