How Can B2C SMB’s Compete in the Recently ‘Local’ Global Economy?

Aug 27

In today’s democratized media world, small businesses have more opportunity than ever to steal market-share from industry giants. With the proliferation of digital technology, we’ve now opened up the market to millions of tiny global competitors. If you are hand-making artisan wallets in Vancouver and selling them online, you’re also competing with the hundreds, if not thousands of artisan wallet-makers from 30+ countries on sites like Etsy and Ebay. Global competition has now become local competition.

Please Unsubscribe

Aug 6

Gmail is making it easier to unsubscribe to newsletters by scraping code within promotional emails and putting a button near the sender’s name. You might think that’s a bad thing for marketers like us, but it’s actually way effing better.


New sites need branding, even more so for small businesses

Mar 18
If you are starting from scratch, investing in a just a website is nearly counterproductive if you consider the opportunity cost. If you launch a site without a solid brand feel, there is a major loss of immediate traction. Realizing the shortcomings later will prove to be more costly when you factor in this initial loss, on top of future redesigns to fix the previous problems. You could build a site this way and get (figuratively speaking) 25% of the results you seek, or do a brand and site in unison and get 100% of those results. The results are truly exponential if they are done together, even more so if you are launching a site for the very first time. Short and long-term, it’s better to do it once and do it right.

The French are holding themselves back

Mar 10

My French buddy just posted this on Facebook. It kills me that the outdated vilification of CEOs is still going strong in France. It was one of the biggest culture shocks I experienced when I was living there.

They demonize people who have worked hard and created jobs. Obviously some are pricks, but many are outstanding, hardworking people. France needs to change this dated mentality of vilifying CEOs and realize that without driven people, there will not be any economic comeback for the French. It’s quite heartbreaking to tell you the truth.

The government’s generosity to the people is singlehandedly crutching their system. Did you know that you can sign up for up to $300 in rent subsidies per month? Doesn’t matter if you’re an immigrant, student, tourist, local, President of Kenya, whatever. They’re giving free money away, no wonder they’re tanking and everyone’s bitching about it. They bit the hand that feeds, and now it’s backfiring right in their face.

I’m hoping things turn around sooner rather than later… I don’t want to see my fellow countrymen suffer any longer.

Wize Monkey

Feb 28
Wize Monkey is our start-up

Our mission is to solve a major problem in the global coffee industry by cultivating the arabica leaves for consumption as tea. Yes, you can make tea with arabica leaves! In fact, it’s been a cultural drink in Ethiopia for a long time.

Case Study: Varion Classic

Jul 12



Varion Capital was a startup equipment leasing service owned by my employer, Credicor Financial. Varion was in dire need of brand awareness. With minimal to spend on marketing, I had to make a splash that would stick. Varion’s target market consisted of 20-70 year-old males, mainly in trades.