The Brand

Digital Fluency is a group of young entrepreneurial marketers and creatives that believe in closing the gap between small businesses and new digital standards. After working together for over 3 years, we have now streamlined our operations. Some of my responsibilities include: branding, strategy, web design, and media production.

With this, I set off to create a new identity for our agency. I was looking to make something punchy, modern, athletic, and concise. I had a lot of fun on this one. As per my personal policy, strategic purpose is always engrained in my design. Documents and forms were built out for maximum ease of use and maximum extraction of actionable insights.

Credit for the ‘Digital Fluency’ name goes to Cody, one of our contracted developers.



The office

With a budget of $500, I had to design, brand, and renovate our lobby and boardroom.





First off, I made a free-hand mockup in Illustrator to get my ideas down.



The shelves on the far wall are displays for products or related items that represent each major client of Digital Fluency. All the furniture was sourced through Craigslist; even the custom lamp. We realized how big it was and decided it was actually perfect for the boardroom.


Over the course of 3 weeks, I trolled Craigslist for the best deals and brand-building products to furnish the office. I painted everything on Superbowl Sunday and it was totally worth it.





  • White Ikea couch from West Van artist: retail cost of $429, picked up for $60.
  • Custom boardroom lamp from interior designer: retail cost of $200-300. Picked up for $60.
  • 5 gallons of DF orange plaint: $40 thanks to a close friend.
  • White/stainless Ikea shelving for the entire office: retail cost of $300+. Picked up for $130.
  • White DF Logo vinyl: cost $50 and applied myself.
  • White & glass Ikea coffee table. Applied slogan vinyl and painted back of glass DF orange. Retail cost: $350. Picked up from a Whitecaps FC midfielder for $70
  • Ikea corner table: retail cost $90. Picked up for $25.
  • Two wooden logs picked up for free, debarked and sanded. Cost: elbow grease.
  • Two old-school whiskey lamps originally from a cabin in Labrador, picked up for free, but they could use new lamp shades.