Red Rabbit Consulting: Fall 2012

I was living in Bordeaux FR and it was my first day of class at KEDGE Business School. We were told that we had a surprise case competition and had a couple hours to meet each other and make groups. Since the competition required that each group had a name and logo, we started brainstorming. Somehow we got down to Red Rabbit and I started coming up with sketches. I wish I could show you the actual paper sketches, but they got stolen with my backpack and my entire mobile office while I was setting up Wize Monkey in Nicaragua. But I digress..



I like it. It’s pretty fun and different. The rabbit is not the most aggressive or proactive animal, but it is very cunning and agile. The red makes it a bit more competitive and the design itself makes it seem determined and rapid. I think of a red Golf GTI when I see this logo.

red golf gti

 The small nose slit took me so much longer than I expected. It was such a fine balance between making the slit big enough for the nose effect to work, and keeping the smooth outside line for shape.

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